Career Plan Ruben Lozano

My Only Career Plan

My First Steps

The first time I met Marketing Online was in 2014. I finished my university Business Degree and after 15 months of internships without compensation (period of the Spanish Crisis), I started to work at Tecon Soluciones Informáticas where I met my mentor and the guru of internet, Jesús Andicoberry. Thanks to him, I learnt (self-learning) Marketing Online with the eyes of a person who sees the love of his life. That was in Spain in a little town called Albacete. Beautiful place, the best is the people, the cheese, the wine and the ham. So, there I started to learn about Inbound Marketing and Marketing in general. However, the good content, it is written in English. So, after 1 year working there the company decided to allocate me to another position. A position that I didn’t ask for and I didn’t like it to do. A position where I wasn’t close to Jesús Andicoberry. However, I am really good at working. So, work for me is an easy task.

Anyway, I was thinking about my future and I took a decision.

The Hard Choice, The Right Path

One day, I remember very clearly, I woke up, I had the breakfast and checked out the feeds on Linkedin and I saw that sentence coming from Steve Jobs “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” and also I was finishing to read “The Alquimist” by Paulo Coelho. So, my situation makes me think about the future. What happens if you quit your job and move out to the UK and learn English and start to make your own path on Marketing Online? Because if I want to be a good marketer at it I NEEDED to speak English (at least I try… haha). So, I didn’t think about it. I gave my notice to my boss and 15 days after I was in Bournemouth working as a waiter 60 hours a week. Yeah! I can tell you that it was the hard and best decision I took in my whole life. I won’t ever regret that decision.

Now, I am working at Accenture Interactive as a CRO Specialist for a top bank client and also working as a freelance on remote for startups like Deliverea, The Bright Angle, Printsome, Doubletop, RoomAgree or Flanks.

I am writing this article because I would like to take the chance to talk about my career path and how self-learning improved my career.

Self-Learning Plan 2019

Basically, everything I learn right now is online. Honestly, it is amazing the quantity and quality are on the Internet to learn. Everything is there. Nowadays, money isn’t an excuse to learn a new skill.

I just finished a month ago a Growth Hacking Master in an online business school. And my plan for all this 2019 is to learn and improve 4 areas: Digital Analytics, Data Marketing, German (start to learn and keep improving my English) and Code Skills. So how am I going to do that? Easy. Everything online.

  • Code Skills with some good free platforms like Code School or Code Academy.
  • Digital Analytics and Data Marketing with Blogs, groups on Linkedin and Facebook, podcasts, meetups, books, presentations, infographics and Youtube channels.
  • German and English with Busuu, Duolingo or any free resources. Also, Barcelona is an international city where you can find people to talk in English or German.

And one tool that is really amazing. Do you know what is the first place I search when I need to find a good piece of content about marketing? How? Simple, open a new tab and type the keyword in the search box and It will give me back good content. I love this tool, honestly.


But, wait… Why am I writing this article? Because I think it will be a good resource for myself to have it.

However, to be honest, it is because I love this tool and the people behind them. I think it is a good tool and they are building an incredible community of good marketers and good content.

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