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My Journey Starts Here


Hi there! I know you are there, waiting to read something different, something special. I want to share my short experience with you, I want to share my musings because maybe it can help you. Or even better, because maybe it can help to me with your feedback.

Two years ago I made a decision. I decided to look for my future over online marketing world. And finally, I found it. I remember the first time I had listened the word ¨growth hacker¨. It was in 2014 when I was working in Tecon Soluciones Informaticas. My workmate and friend Alvaro came to talk to me about something new. He had read an article about growth hacking and how this concept was been looked for startups. My first thought was ¨What?? Growth what??¨. Now, after two years I am totally sure this is my future, that is what I love to do, that is exactly I am doing in all my last jobs.

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking is a set of techniques, methodologies and technological skills on the basis of creativity, analytical and curiosity for the purpose of growing a startup shaped hockey stick with minimal resources. It is a doctrine that includes many others. I remember a joke that my mother told me when I was young, said: “What profession is the one that knows the most and the least money earns? The housewife, because she scrubs, washes, irons, etc. In a way, it reminds me a lot of that similar. It is a doctrine that knows everything to do everything with limited resources.
They point out that it was Sean Ellis who introduced this idea in 2010. Later, Andrew Chen who was developing more deeply with the post Growth Hacker is the new VP Marketing. Since then it has spread and popularised all over the world. Quicksprout published a useful guide over growth hacking.

How to become a Growth Hacker?

Well, this is the propose of this blog. How to become a growth hacker. How everything in your business it can be changed with minimal resources. Only you need is passion and curiosity, that´s all. So, welcome to my blog, I will share with you all my knowledge.