My First Campaign In LinkedIn Ads

My First Campaign In LinkedIn Ads

As you can see in the title, this is my first campaign in LinkedIn Ads. And also, I can tell you it isn’t the last campaign I will do it (nowadays, I have carried out another three campaigns more).

This first campaign I have carried out during 5 days, I’ve tried to bring customers from the office near to our restaurants at lunch time [Advertising in Social Media]. Linkedin Ads is, probably, the best platform to contact with our specific buyer persona. Users that works close to our restaurants in Poole and Bournemouth. In addition, users from an office that they have a break for a lunch with medium-high salary. Why? Because I know from experience (I worked in Poole as a waiter a year) which kind of users they are. So, I made a campaign in Facebook Ads and Linkedin Ads. Here you’ll find the outcomes of the Linkedin Campaign.


This tab is the same like others platforms like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads or Bing Ads. Different interface but the same concept. Describe and set up details of the audience. Here are the demographic details of the buyer persona. Please, be aware that the buyer persona is updated every time.

What location do you want to target (required field)? It’s mean where I can find my buyer persona [Buyer Persona in Piktochar]. In Bournemouth and Poole, but something I couldn’t do it. Something I see in LinkedIn is they have to improve the location. Not very specific. Why? Because maybe in Bournemouth, you can find members from Christchurch and I don’t need these users, at least, not now.

We need to carry on with it, otherwise it will remain in forgetfulness. Click To Tweet

I don’t specific a company name. Also, I don’t specific company industry. Doesn’t matter the name and the industry if they work to close the restaurant and have time to have a lunch.

Next, what company sizes do I want to target? Companies from 11 to + 10.000. My idea is if he/she works for a small company at the moment doesn’t have time and money to go to take a lunch to our restaurant. Also, I leave empty the job title, job function, job seniority and member schools, fields of study, degrees, member skills, members group and member gender. I select the age of my target: 25 – 55+. Why not 25 – 34? Because I want to optimise the budget and I think this range of age fit more of my 80% of buyer persona. I usually see the young people in the center of Bournemouth take the lunch in the street, in Mc Donalds, so on. This is not the buyer persona I want to target.

And finally, year of experience, I selected people who have experience between 5 to 12+ years of experience.
I select the suggestion to help my campaign reaches new audiences similars to my targeting criteria with audience expansion. My estimated target audience should I could be 15.000+ LinkedIn members. What do you think?

screencapture-linkedin-ad-accounts-campaigns 2
Screen capture Audience

Bid and Budget

I have over £100 for this campaign in one week. I select Cost Per Click (CPC) as a bid type. Only when someone clicks on the ad. To be honest, this campaign is to generate demand, not to create awareness or branding. So, I think this bid type is the best. The bid I select is £4.00. The minimum is £1.50, the suggested bid to reach they majority of my audience is £3.70, and my competition is bidding between £3.76 – £5.74.
For this campaign, my budget can allow me to invest £15 per day. The minimum budget is £8.00, and also, the tool advises me that my campaign actual daily spend may be up to 20% higher. Not a problem at all. Start date 27th January end date 3rd February. Ready to create the ads.

screencapture-linkedin-ad-accounts-campaigns 4
Screen capture Bid and Budget


I have created 12 ads with 3 variations with up to 5 combinations in each rotating the images. Obviously, the realisation of the 12 ads attends to the idea of generating a / b test with which to generate knowledge of buyer persona and optimise future campaigns.
The titles:

1.- Lunch set menu £11.95.

2.- Lunch is served!

3.- Set Lunch Menu.

The description was always the same: Popular lunch menu available between 12 am to 5 pm. Bournemouth Center.

screencapture-linkedin-ad-accounts-campaigns 3
Screen capture Ads
Please, find below the differents ways you can find ads on Linkedin:

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There weren’t any conversions, maybe because I didn’t configure the tracking code in the web page. My bad, I didn’t know that I could continue the follow-up beyond the platform. I know, my fault and error. Lesson learned. I discovered it late, with the development of the third campaign in LinkedIn Ads [My Second Campaign In LinkedIn Ads and My Third Campaign In LinkedIn Ads].
62,250 impressions and 32 clicks were obtained with £71.89 which seems to me a remarkable result, although it is a low CTR 0.051%. As I carry out campaigns I will learn more about this data and its behaviour within the reasonable margins. However, for a single week, I think it’s a good result.

screencapture-linkedin-ad-accounts-campaigns 1
Screen capture Performance


I think that for the first campaign I do in Linkedin Ads, the outcomes were remarkable. Better than I expected but quite tangible to be honest. I knew that the click is expensive in Linkedin Ads (if you compare with Bing Ads, Google AdWords or Facebook Ads) but although it has been really useful to find the right buyer personas. 32 clicks is a good result for only a week of the campaign with this budget. What can I improve for the next campaign? I haven’t monitored the campaign as I like and even though it was only for a week. I don’t have a campaign plan where I can carry on the feedback and improvements the learning curve. Despite I have clear buyer persona, I haven’t defined and contrasted with the others member of the organisation, for examples the managers. I think it is the complaints I get. Talking about the future of this campaigns. We need to carry on with it, otherwise, it will remain in forgetfulness. We need to keep going. I hope soon to have new budgets with which to continue making campaigns.

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Written By Ruben Lozano

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