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It is the fictional representation of the user that fits with your service. As the result, it is the characterization of the user that uses your service through demographic data, work, motivations and objectives. There isn’t a single and unique buyer person. You could have several buyer people as much as you require to identify your service. My advice is to have a buyer person who represents 80% of the users. The other 20% distribute it for those who have different nuances. The process of creating buyer person is dynamic. You can update your buyer persona as soon as you have news about new attributes. In addition, It must be based on data analytics, never on assumptions. I recommend having a space enabled in some collaborative application where you can feedback every time you have new information and where you can share with the team.

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Tony Zambito – @tonyzambito

Tony Zambito provides me one of the best tools to create my buyer persona for all my ideas. Buyer Persona Canvas.

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