Bookings Online, My First Growth Hack

Bookings Online, My First Growth Hack

Looking For My First Growth Hack

In march 2015 my boss called me quite concerned: “What is going on in our website?” Our old and static website was shut down by our marketing provider. Why? Well, it is a long story and I’ll need another article to explain about how to manage a marketing department. The question is we didn’t have website and e-commerce. “What can we do Ruben?” For this time, I was starting my personal website and this blog that you are reading with WordPress, so I said to my boss, to get me access to our server and we could create one quickly and easy to manage for everyone. So, that I did. I talked to Mark, our amazing IT advisor and we created a new website with WordPress. I had FTP access and I started to run a new website with a recipe theme. My idea was to implement inbound marketing methodology, where our chefs, managers and staff could share content with users and reply them. Content like recipes, cocktails, events, etc. I chose Dyad theme to try to achieve this goal. Do you know this feeling when you want to do something great and huge but other people they don’t believe in your idea? That was my feeling. Probably it was my fault because I didn’t explain very well the benefits of this mindset. Month after month the website was only a static website with posts about events or deals wrote by myself. One and half year later, the new director told me to remove all the old posts because could make problems with the users. Really? Well, I tried to explain the consequences about SEO to remove all the posts. No way. Deleted. I knew there is something I needed to change because the website was going down month after month. A static website, where users ask about menus and book online through each outlet by Google Form. Nothing else.

My North Star Metric

On February 2017 I have started a growth master training course. An amazing course in Teachable (awesome tool, really) in Growth University by Sean Ellis, Founder and CEO of Really pragmatic this course. It’s a useful course to start my way as a growth hacker. In chapter two I read about north star metric. North star metric? What is that? We usually talk about KPIs and metrics, but which one is your unique metric? What is the metric that aligns the purpose of my website and business goals? Bookings online. Exactly Ruben. Forget Inbound Marketing Methodology for now. I am alone in the department and I have to manage the marketing of 3 Italian restaurant, 3 English pubs and warehouse (2 e-commerce B2C and B2B). I can’t put my focus on Inbound Marketing because I don’t have enough resources. But I can grow the business and step by step grow my department with human resources and tools. Once the business going well and my boss decides to invest more resource, I can doInbound Marketing Methodology but now It’s time of growth hacking. So, let’s do a good growth hack. 

New Theme, New Idea, New Growth Hack

What can I do to improve the website by increasing the bookings online? How can I help the business to increase the revenue? Time to A/B testing. Let’s try something. Change the theme where the users can find a CTA in the header to book online. Easy to see. Easy to click. Easy to book. Easy in tablet, smartphone and desktop. Time to change the theme. My knowledge in code is low. Just a bit about HTML. So I decided to change the theme.
ICE Score 1-10. Impact, Confidence and Ease.

  1. Impact: 9. I think so this change could have a meaningful impact on the revenue.
  2. Confidence: 8. I have listened to the users and I am sure about this change.
  3. Ease: 8. I can do it by myself in only a few hours. No code skills no money.

Total ICE Score about this test = 8.33. Let’s do it.

Screenshot ICE Score Growth University
Screenshot ICE Score Growth University
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I was looking for a beautiful theme where it is incorporated a call to action on the header. Yep, wait. Here it is. Foodeez. I took a preview live and it was perfect. Done. I select Tuesday as a day to change the theme where I have low traffic on the website (thanks to google analytics). This theme came with the call to action in red and with the word Reserve. In England, the people don’t use “reserve” to book a table. The people use “book”. So, I looked at the code, I searched in the header the CTA and change the word “reserve” by “book now”. As you can see in the screenshot. Done, now set up the links to google forms and ready to publish and test.

Screenshot CTA Header
Screenshot CTA Header

Performance. Aha-Moment!

That was awesome! You had to see the face of my boss that day. I felt so proud of me and my hard work. In two months we made 131 bookings online, 413 people, £10.260 revenue approx. and £2.565 profit approx. That is a good performance. How much was the cost of this improvement? £0, nothing at all. Stop wasting your time in things don’t give you any value. Put your focus in your north star metric.
Screenshot Gmail Bookings Online
Screenshot Gmail Bookings Online
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And now what? Keep going. Non-stop. Well, this is a beginning. Keep thinking to implement inbound methodology but I need help and support of everybody in the organisation. To create remarkable content is free and require time. My next growth hack could come from review platforms as Trustpilot, Yotpo. However, I would like to keep improving the booking online system. I saw Typeform. An amazing tool to take forms. Spanish company. Right now I am testing this tool in one of our outlets (Alcatraz Poole).
As you can read I have a lot of work to do. Which one do you think could be the next growth hack?
Please, let me know your thoughts in the comments sections below.
P.D.: Please, don’t miss the opportunity to check the App Typeform. It’s an amazing tool where to make a form is a new world. Chapo for this team.
Screenshot Typeform
Screenshot Typeform

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Written By Ruben Lozano

Ruben Lozano is Online Marketing Specialist at Printsome and Inbound Marketing Manager at RoomAgree. His specialities include Growth Hacking Marketing and Inbound Marketing. When not at work, Ruben can be found playing basketball or in Starbucks drinking a mocha and at least 3 books in his Kaft backpack.

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